Colorful India

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°°°°Happy New Year°°°°

Thank you for all the support and collaboration in 2013!!!! It was a really great and successful year for me with a lot of great opportunities 🙂 I wish you all a happy new year !!!!!!!

Cao Son Market Vietnam

I enjoyed it very much to visit the  cao son market. Everything was colorful and the people very open and nice:)  

Traditional ethno colors vietnam

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Hey, sorry that i have not posted anything for so long. I was in Vietnam for a while and have made a round trip to a lot of beautiful places and to the hills of Lao Cai. I look forward to showing you some pictures.   Nice weekend 🙂 Laura  

Want some honey ?


The Taling Chan Floating Market is relaxed and local. There are lots of small restaurants with fresh seafood … squid, crab, fish, shrimp and snails  If you are not sure what you want to eat, do a walk around first to see what’s cooking on different boats before you order food 🙂