Laura is a freelance travel, culture and documentary photographer based in Germany.
Born 1987 in Cannes, she began to photograph in 2010, making snapshots during a Africa trip. After her return she published her first travel impressions in black and white.
In 2011 she changed her profession and started to work as a digital artist and photographer.

  E-Mail: info@laura-saffioti.com


46 thoughts on “About

  1. Die Beschreibung klingt sehr nach “very new to me”, aber die Aufnahmen zeigen Talent. Bin gespannt, mehr zu sehen und bereits neidisch auf das Fotografieren in fremden Gefilden 🙂

  2. Hallo Laura,

    Deine Fotos sind sehr interessant und ausdrucksstark. Reisen und fotografieren sind auch meine grosse Leidenschaft. Deshalb bin ich sehr gespannt auf Deine nächsten Fotos, Projekte und Reisen.

    Viel Spass beim bloggen,

  3. Hello Laura. I really enjoy your pictures. If you are planning to take photos in South America, specially in Peru. Just let me know. I could help you, in whatever you want it. Drive to many places, Pick up from airport, good restaurants, and so.


    Julio Justo

  4. Hallo Laura,

    Besten Dank für deinen Besuch auf meiner ‘Street Gallery’. Sie ist noch im Aufbau, hoffe bald mehr zeigen zu können.

    Deine Bilder sind auf jeden Fall eine Inspiration und einen Besuch wert.

    Grüsse aus der Schweiz

  5. Hi Laura, i recently came across some of your work on the zeiss lens site, i really like the way you see and capture… some wonderful pictures and great subjects! 🙂

    I recently returned from a 7 day trip to Morocco and just can’t wait to head off again. It was my first real test with some recently acquired old manual contax zeiss lenses. loving them… do you have a next trip lined up?

    Howard 🙂

    • Hi Howard,
      thank you for the nice words 🙂 Nice to hear that you like Morocco ….its beautiful there.In 3 weeks iam going to South Afrika and Mauritius but just for a Safari.
      Its not really a photo trip.
      After that iam planing a trip with a aid organisation in Afrika 🙂


      • You’re welcome Laura 🙂 the eye contact in your images is really powerful. It reminds me of Steve McCurry’s work, and wouldn’t we both love to to work for National Geographic i’m sure!

        I really love travel street photography and Morocco was a challenge to get the shots without being noticed, people really hate their photograph being taken! I love the vibrancy and chaotic nature of the place, wherever you look there is a shot (or 10!)

        Ok, i will leave the “i am jealous” part until last.. amazing, have a nice trip on safari!! and please take your camera! 🙂

        Do you have a 500px account? if not i recommend it, much much better than flickr and a far better chance of getting noticed. Then i can add you to my stream.

        I never talk geek, i just take pictures but since i have been interested in zeiss lenses (both for canon and especially the new X-pro system) and was interested in what you shoot on?

        Happy photographic adventures! 🙂 H xx

      • OHhhh Steve mcCurry I love his work iam a big big fan 🙂

        Yes I know what you mean Marocco is not easy for street photography.
        Many people over there think we would steal their soul.
        You have to go to india ….i think you can spend there years and every day you have tons of new motives.

        My 500px Account: http://500px.com/LauraSaffioti but I need to update soon: D

        Are you using Carl Zeiss lenses?

        I currently prefer the Canon 5D Mark III and the Carl Zeiss Macro Planar 2/50mm 🙂

        I looked around on your webiste.
        Very nice shots …. really my taste 🙂

  6. Hi, Laura–You visited our site, strewing likes behind you like candy, so I thought I’d check you out. What wonderful street photographs! I’m deeply jealous. After a recent trip to Haiti I know how difficult it can be to get decent street shots from people inherently suspicious of photographers. I’m really curious how you manage to shoot so quickly with a manual focus lens. I’d spend a lot of time watching my shot disappear as I tried to get the focus and exposure correct.

    Lovely work. I’ve started following you, so I’ll be back.


    • Hi Ken,
      thank you for the nice words.
      mhhh yes i like candy and i like your Blog 😀
      Very inspiring and very good Food pictures.
      Yes that’s not easy with the manual focus, I agree with you 🙂
      But if you use all day nothing else you get used to it very quickly….


  7. Hello Laura,

    Thanks for dropping by at formosainsight.com. Like Ken I dropped by to see your sight and to say I am very impressed is an understatement. I especially like the black and white treatment, a genre which I have yet to really explore, but all the images are great. I tend not to follow (can’t cope with the overload of my email inbox) but will definitely be bookmarking alongside the handful of photographers I draw inspiration from – Steve McCurry, Ami Vitale, David DuChemin, Matt Brandon, Gavin Gough, etc).

    You seem to combine passion for your craft, compassion and empathy for your subjects and great skill. Keep up the good work.

  8. hohe Anerkennung. Unglaubliche Worte. Sehr spannend. Der Verfasser hat Ahnung. Die Webseite ist wirklich wertvoll. Meisterhafter Blog. Alles ist brauchbar. Ich bin ein Follower dieser Kunst. Mehr Grafiken könnten den Besuchern alles aufklären.

  9. Hallo Laura,

    wunderbare und sehr beeindruckende Fotos. Du greifst ganz toll den Menschen, die Persönlichkeit und die unterschiedlichen Kulturen auf. Das ist einerseits schön und auch ergreifend deine Fotos anzuschauen. Klassse!

  10. Ich nehme Deinen Blog in meine Blogroll auf. Du hast einen unglaublich intensiven und genauen Blick auf Menschen, paßt die Situation exakt ab.

    Ist so etwas auch in Berlin oder in anderen europäischen Ländern möglich, Menschen auf diese Weise zu photographieren, oder sind die Menschen hier bereits aggressiv gegenüber der Kamera und empfinden den Blich der Kamera als eine Art von Eindringen? Zumal sich jeder morgen in Facebook oder auf anderen Social Media-Seiten wiederfinden kann.

    Egal wie: sehr gelungene Photographien von Menschen!

  11. Hi,
    I seen ur work on this site nd on facebook.
    I come to know ur planning to visit india again.
    I thnk ur travelled only in easten nd northen areas
    I suggest u to visit west areas like mumbai, pune, goa nd many more.

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