Carl Zeiss /Bangkok

Iam very excited to fly to Bangkok tomorrow for Carl Zeiss ♥ See you in 2 Weeks Advertisements


Some photos with me from the Kumbh Mela  

Pictures Magazin 06/13

Carl Zeiss

Interview for Carl Zeiss 🙂 Sooooo proud :))) Take a look at my Facebook site :

Pictures Magazin 06/2013

Pictures Magazin is out now 10 Sites with pictures and interview about me:)


This picture I have taken in a school in Malelane. The children were very shy at the beginning but after a short time they were curious and inspected my cam 🙂 I love these moments …….


My first steps with the Leica Monochrome. That was one of my first test shots…… I do not want to hide from you:) I shoot it in Hanover. I am very in love with the cam:))