Kumbh Mela/India

I’m back from my trip from India and i  have a lot of  pictures in my luggage 🙂
it was so great and I’ve learned  india  from a different site this time.
Khumb mela was great and I was able to make a lot of pics and Varanasi  the oldest city in the world was also really nice .
The funny thing was that eveybody wanted to  photograph me  because of my blonde hair 🙂
You can see the pictures attached  but I think I still have 50 of them 😀
Unfortunately i  became very sick so it will take a bit with the images.

see you soon





5 thoughts on “Kumbh Mela/India

  1. These pictures are great. They tell their own story.
    The Indian people are very pleasant to each visitor. Unfortunately hygiene does not really exist in India. Therefore one of the biggest challenges while traveling on your own is to stay healthy. I have been ill myself for three out of six weeks in India. At times this can be very demanding. I hope you have the right treatment and a rapid recovery.
    Many greetings,

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